Sagra and stuff

First of all, thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last post! I have to say, writing the Moments is one of my favorite things – maybe I’ll include them here on the blog more often. 🙂

On to the food/photos: Sagra is a lovely spot for happy hour. Their pizzas are half-off! We tried the Calabrese Vesuvio, which is “volcano-style.” I’ve never had a pizza folded over like this before – it was delicious.

We also shared some fried calamari. We have a soft spot in our tummies for fried calamari.

And of course, we had some cocktails. I can’t remember what mine was – something with Campari, I think. Justin had a barrel-aged negroni, and I remember that was so smooth and yummy.

This weekend was full of dinners with friends, birthday celebrations, and crafty goodness. I’m a little pooped, to be honest. Today my allergies attacked with a vengeance, and so I’m feeling a bit dried out.

Other recent randoms:

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