RIP Gourmet Magazine

So I’ve already let you know how devastated I am that Gourmet magazine has folded. It turns out that there are plenty of other Austinites (like David and Jenna and Kristi and Rachel and James and Marshall and Mando and lots of others) who are also saddened by this loss, and we all gathered Tuesday night at FINO for a Gourmet Wake. FINO provided tapas and a classic cocktail for just $20, plus extra cocktails at $5 each. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

David Alan brought a few of his vintage Gourmets from the seventies, full of liquor and cigarette ads and recipes for aspic and mocha baked Alaska. Addie Broyles brought a few of her newer issues, gorgeous things with candied apples and ice cream sandwiches on the covers. FINO/Asti owner Emmett Fox and I flipped through them and lamented the loss of such a wonderful, inspiring magazine. Oh, and we also ate.

Chef Jason Donoho made some delectable treats inspired by vintage Gourmet recipes:

  • Truffled popcorn prepared in duck fat (You think you don’t like popcorn? That’s because you’ve never popped it in duck fat.) and Za’atar potato chips with preserved lemon yogurt (homemade potato chips + yogurt dip = happy tummy).


  • “PB & J” montadito – basically crostini topped with almond butter, sherry roasted grapes and scallions (Yum).


  • Deviled egg with aioli, Spanish tuna and white anchovy (I’ve never met a deviled egg I didn’t like).


  • Saffron rice croquettes with pork belly and apples (little fried balls of rice are always a good thing).


Bar manager Bill Norris and Tipsy Texan David Alan were whipping up drinks pulled from the pages of old Gourmet cookbooks and magazines. They set up a makeshift bar out on the patio, and we were able to taste a few different cocktails.

fino bar

  • Admiral cocktail – with Citadelle gin, cherry Heering and lime
  • Artillery punch – a strong concoction of Old Overholt rye, Smith & Cross Jamaica rum, Claret, black tea, Citadelle gin, cognac, benedictine, orange and lemon
  • Chartreuse champagne cocktail – with sparkling wine, green chartreuse, Pierre Ferrand cognac and bitters
  • St. Cecilia Society punch – a lighter punch made with cognac, Smith & Cross Jamaica rum, green tea, apricot brandy, sparkling wine, pineapple and lemon

It was a great night with great food and drinks. Goodbye, Gourmet. I will always love you.

RIP Gourmet Magazine
1941 – 2009

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  1. wow, that is what i call going out in style

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