Halloween photos!

Yay, we finally have Halloween photos to share! So just to give you some background, our friend Bud always does an elaborate costume for Halloween. This year he asked us to be a part of it, and our group grew and grew. Then a documentary filmmaker became interested in it, and so she filmed us as we made the costumes, donned them, and paraded down 6th Street. It was so much fun!

Our theme was Steampunk Oz. Steampunk is a genre of sci-fi/fantasy that is based on the idea that in the future, steam power is used for everything. It involves a lot of gadgets and gas masks, leather and velvet, goggles and clocks.

Our cast of characters:

  • Toto/the Flying Monkey – Bud. He crafted a HUGE Toto, and Bud’s head was actually the head of the flying monkey that was riding on Toto’s back. He was able to turn Toto’s head from side to side and open and close his massive jaw. One eye was a flashlight, so Bud would flash it on every so often.
  • Dorothy – Lex. Bud actually made her wig out of yarn. He’s that cool.
  • Tin Man – Justin. He was on stilts all night (which I was VERY nervous about… I was so afraid he might fall or get tripped in the crowd), and made his costume himself. Bud sculpted the mask, and Justin painted it.
  • Scarecrow – me! I put my costume together from thrift store finds, hula skirts, and my dad’s way cool painter’s mask.
  • Lion – John. Bud sculpted John’s mask, and John found the awesome dreads for his mane and beard.
  • Wicked Witch of the West – Liane. She had an amazingly tall hat, and her skirt had a huge bustle in the back.
  • Glinda – Kelly. She joined us only about a week before Halloween, and looked great with her corset and crown.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

6 responses to “Halloween photos!”

  1. Wow! What incredible costumes! You guys did an amazing job.

  2. Amazing, elaborate costumes! I’m glad you all had fun.

  3. Whoa!!!! I’ve never seen anything so elaborate. You guys look awesome!!! I’d love to see more pictures and video!

  4. amazing! how do we see the documentary?

  5. Very cool! When do we get to see the documentary?

  6. Thanks, everyone! I know that they are still filming a few things (like Bud and Lex’s wedding this weekend), but once we have the documentary, I’ll be sure to share it with you! I have no idea when it will be completed, but I’m also anxious to see some video footage. 🙂

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