I got a haircut! I’ve been trying to grow it out, but it hasn’t been cooperating… I’ve worn pigtails almost every day for the past few weeks. So I marched over to Joey and said, “Fix it!” And she did. Now it’s all wavy-messy-cute, and still in a grow-outable style. I do love my Joey.

Yesterday President Obama came to the University to give a speech. I didn’t get to see it, but it was all hullaballoo around campus and in our office. We had a drawing for the three tickets our office was given, and the people who won were stoked! My friend was at the airport during the speech, and sent me a photo of Air Force One out on the tarmac. It was an all around exciting day for Austin.

It’s been over 100 degrees every day for about a week. I know I should feel grateful that we’ve had a mild summer so far (if you can call upper 90s mild), but instead I scowl at the heat and wish for autumn days.

A photo: late night eats at Kebabalicious – seriously one of the best wraps I’ve ever tasted, with lamb and beef and tzatziki and spice.

4 responses to “Kebabalicious”

  1. Kebabalicious. I was going to spell it out like Fergalicious, but it didn’t quite work out. Plus. I’m feeling lazy from sickness and the heat. 😛 Oh, and show us your hair cut! Pretty please?


  2. Post pictures of your new hair!

    Also–I might try that salon out. The “nicest” salon I’ve ever been to is Visible Changes, which obviously means I have boring hair! I want to try out some place nice and just tell them to do whatever they want!

  3. Yay for new haircuts 🙂

  4. I’ll try to get a photo posted soon. I generally don’t like photos of myself, so it may take a few tries. 🙂

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