Eating and eating

Rachel and I decided to lunch at Elizabeth Street Cafe last week. This place is so freakin’ photogenic. And delicious. 🙂

Above is the octopus salad with kohlrabi. Apparently, I love kohlrabi.

Below are a couple of punches that we tried. The schnozberies taste like schnozberies!

I had my favorite, the grilled chicken thigh bun with egg roll. Zomg yum.

Rachel had the special banh mi, with every kind of meatstuffs you could want.

We both had Vietnamese iced coffees. Rachel introduced me to these, and now they’re my favorite things.

Raise your hand if you love sweetened condensed milk! (My hand is raised.)

4 responses to “Eating and eating”

  1. My favorite thing to order at our favorite vietnamese restaurant is the chicken thigh bun thing- the noodle bowl version with bean sprouts and romaine and that bright dipping sauce. Its so delicious and light and fresh at the same time. Yum:)

    1. Yep, I love how much veggies and fresh herbs come with it!

  2. My hand is raised!

    Also, I had to share this with you because I thought you would love it:

    1. O.M.G. That is the cutest thing ever!!

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