Day of the Dead

I totally missed Halloween this year. Actually, I feel like I’ve missed all the holidays and seasons this year. I don’t even have baby pumpkins on my steps. This is sad.

I think I sway between wanting to celebrate holidays and resenting the feeling that I should celebrate holidays. One day I want baby pumpkins and orange twinkle lights and cobwebs and costumes, and the next I just want the candy. One day I want to see Christmas lights and send Christmas cards and buy Christmas gifts, and the next I just want the candy. Wait, there’s a pattern here.

Thankfully, my neighborhood grocery store employs Alfred, one of the nicest guys ever. He dressed up yesterday, and it made my day. Even his ears are red!

So now it’s November first, the Day of the Dead, and I’m sad that October has slipped past so quickly. So hear this, November! I shall experience you to the fullest! I shall wear sweaters and boots and scarves and mittens! Wait, it’s 80 degrees outside. And the air conditioner is on. Oh, Austin, you crazy woman! Stop with your hot flashes!

I did see this lovely spiderweb yesterday on my way to work. I took a photo of it, and then I got kind of creeped out by the spider. I know he’s small, and just doing his thing, but BUGS! EEK!

So also, we missed most of the film festival. Justin took a spill on his scooter and we ended up in the ER on a Saturday night. Thankfully, he was wearing his helmet, and he knew to curl up in a ball as he tumbled down the street, and he was not hit by any cars (although his poor scooter was). So he’s perfectly fine except for scrapes and bruises, and he’s never allowed to ride a scooter ever again. Nor am I. So! Anyone want to buy two scooters?

So life is going on, and work is getting done, and OH BY THE WAY I WAS PUBLISHED HERE. Please click away and enjoy these tidbits about some of my favorite shops in this great city.

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  1. What a great article! Congrats! I still haven’t been to Quality Seafood Market. Putting that on my to-do list for November. 🙂

  2. Love the photos on this one!

    Are you really selling your scooters? If so, we might be interested.

    1. Nicole, I emailed you! 🙂

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