24 Diner, and red lipstick

Tonight I needed a burger and some bubbly. So we headed down to 24 Diner.

We always seem to order the same thing. Swiss chard and artichoke gratin…

And the cheddar burger minus onions, plus fries. Perfect for sharing.

Bethany was our fabulous server… I fell in love with her cute aesthetic. Lovely bangs, red lipstick, beautiful necklace. Isn’t she gorgeous?!

She was so kind to let me take her photo…

And she’s inspired me to buy some red lipstick.

Hooray for great food and style inspiration! 🙂

4 responses to “24 Diner, and red lipstick”

  1. How fun to be able to get a burger AND bubbly at the same place! I love that red lipstick, too… perfectly retro style!

  2. Love the photos of your waitress! She’d be an amazing vintage model. Artichoke gratin sounds amazing. I’ve only had breakfast at 24 Diner so I will have to stop back by for lunch or dinner.

  3. Well let’s see those red lips honey!

  4. Astrid and Pink, she is quite lovely! And 24 Diner is one of our favorites.

    Sis, I’m working on it! Maybe for Kourt’s wedding? 🙂

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