Tuesday night


This evening I was tired, and achy, and a bit frustrated. I felt sad, and funky, and just kind of out of it. So I got home, turned on some music, and stepped into the kitchen.

I made coconut-pumpkin ice cream. I marinated chicken wings. I whisked dressings, chopped herbs, sautéed garlic, boiled pasta, fried chicken. Thankfully, my trusty sous chef came home in time to help me with it all, and we ended up with a meal that we both declared was the best we’d had in a while.

We made a version of Sarah’s Flavour Bomb Greens & Noodles and Pok Pok’s Fish Sauce Chicken Wings. I’m fairly certain we’ll be having this meal once a week now. I wish I could explain to you the explosion of flavor from each bite of noodles and greens. Or the sweet-salty umami of the wings doused in sweet fish sauce and garlic. Or the crunch of cashews, sesame seeds, and crispy fried bits of chicken skin. Or the perfection of fried meat with fresh Swiss chard and lime juice and sesame oil and honey. It was amazing.

And tonight for dessert, we’ll have toasted whole wheat pumpkin bread with hazelnuts and chocolate topped with coconut pumpkin ice cream.

I am so glad that I remembered that my kitchen is a form of therapy. That it’s a place where I know I belong, I know what to do, I know how to move forward, I know I am a creative, productive being. Here’s hoping tomorrow feels the same way.

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  1. Sounds delicious! We love when friend chicken is made with cornstarch!

    1. Fried chicken, friend chicken, it’s all the same. 🙂

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