Sunday, Sunday


This morning started with coffee sips. Roux was stationed in the bedroom window, in case any squirrels popped by. (One did.)


Justin is the breakfast king. He just disappears into the kitchen, and then there are wonderful sounds and smells, and then tada! There’s breakfast. Today he made a hash of potatoes and ham topped with a fried egg, plus tortillas, avocado and tomatoes. Stupendous.

Not much else happened today. I talked to my mama, who is always so freakin’ cute, and I did some crosswords, and updated my laptop (Mavericks. Dumb name.), and made a grocery list, and there was football and baseball on, and I fell asleep on the couch, and Roux snuggled up next to me, and I listened to some music, and that’s about it. It was a good Sunday.

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