Me and knitting

I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve learned to knit. And purl. I can knit and purl. In a rectangle. Which means that I’ve made a lot of scarves. At first I was a bit bummed about this. The perfectionist in me said, “Accomplish this skill! Be a great knitter! Knit something amazing!”

I bought the Stich N’ Bitch book, excited about learning some new skills. I was one step closer to a hat, or wrist warmers, or a sweater. I actually love the book…it all makes sense, until I get past the knit and the purl and the rectangle bit. Then everything sort of gets fuzzy.

I realized, though, that I was getting really frustrated with knitting. I just didn’t have the patience to learn increase and decrease, patterns and textures. I do plan on asking my friend Shara, who is an amazing knitter, for some help in those areas, but for the moment, I’m happy with my little scarves. Knitting is something I started for creativity, for relaxation, for something to keep my hands busy. And when I’m knitting a scarf, I’m pretty happy.

I tend to do this with so many things in my life. I try something, and immediately want to “accomplish” it, to be the best at it. Some examples:
1. Hey, this yoga stuff is fun! I should be a teacher! Right now!
2. Sewing? I can sew. I should sew my entire wardrobe!
3. I like my handwriting. I should be a calligrapher!
4. I like to read. I should read every book in the library, in alphabetical order!
5. I love to cook. I should have gourmet meals, every night! Yes!

I overdo it to the point where it is no longer fun. I excel at this. But this year, I’m taking a step back, looking a little deeper, and figuring things out. I like to knit. And purl. I like to knit and purl scarves. And that’s okay.

From top to bottom:
**Pink scarf, my first ever, done with cheap acrylic yarn. Kinda long but very warm.
**Purple scarf, my second ever, done with two yarns from the Target dollar bin, held together while knitting.
**Beige scarf, for my love, warm and snuggly from another Target yarn.
**My favorite, my monster scarf, made with a super-soft and way cute yarn from Michael’s. Justin doesn’t like to look at it because he says it reminds him of monster skin, and it scares him a little.
**My current project, an incredibly soft scarf from an awesome bulky yarn I found at Michael’s, for my grandma.
**Not pictured: One purple/pink belt for my niece, four small scarves for my sisters-in-law.

7 responses to “Me and knitting”

  1. I like them all. and I am well aware of the knitting of rectangles.
    actually, I am able to do triangles too now.
    but a pattern? NO WAY.

    some of us are a little skilled in a lot of things…

  2. THat whole “Patience is a virtue” thinig is highly over-rated, if you ask me! THat you can knit and purl puts you way ahead of many of us 🙂 And the scarves look great!

  3. Lightbulb flashing!!! Try making several smaller rectangles or squares and then sew them together end to end and make a small lap blanket or maybe some dishcloths out of bulky yarn! Love you!

  4. i love your monster scarf! i too am a rectangle knitter. a few years ago, c bought me the stitch n’ bitch book and i knit scarves for myself, for friends, for my brother and for cornelius. then i hit the scarf/knitting wall and now i don’t know if i can get back on the wagon. i’ll give it another go in the future for sure…

  5. I have been bit with the knitting bug too and knew right away that if I had to do 100 scarves and that is all that I would be gone in a flash. So I have two friends that are having babies and I found a really easy knit and purl basketweave blanket pattern. So now I have a mission instead of just “yeah I knit”. I am also in love with this pattern:

    I HAVE to do this pattern. But the yarn is a bit expensive. Still googling for a good price. Maybe that will inspire you!

    Have fun!

  6. I agree, blackbird…I think I’m a little skilled in a lot of things, too! I’ve thought of stitching squares together, I just haven’t tried it yet. Chloe, I like the purse pattern. Where did you find the blanket pattern? Thanks everyone!


    I got it from this magazine… it is just a K5 P5 in the middle… but it is has been a great first time project.

    I actually got an all cotton yarn from WalMart by Bernat that is great. I wanted soft and washable…

    But I just found another project that I am in love with and I might just start next but it is so much more advanced that what I am doing right now. Here is the link to that:

    Isn’t it awesome!

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