Corners of my home

This little bench sits in our living room, and it’s usually occupied by Roux. It gets sunlight from the South-facing window, and it’s also a good spot to look for visitors who might be coming up the stairs. Roux likes to sit and watch the squirrels and birds that visit our little deck, but his primary activity is bathing and sleeping (as shown above).

The bench has two drawers underneath. One is filled with DVDs and XBox games, and the other is filled with junk. Cables and wires, old light fixtures and pliers…I’d say it’s Justin’s drawer more than mine. I rarely even open it.

We keep my favorite little pillow on the bench…it’s embroidered with gorgeous flowers…a great World Market find. But I think the biggest reason that I love this corner is the kitty cat that sleeps on it.

In other news, my book club meeting last night went really well. It was a bit awkward at first, since we really didn’t know each other, but the conversation quickly flowed, and before we knew it, two hours had passed. All of the gals seem friendly and intelligent, with strong feminist views and an avid love for reading. Our next meeting is in three weeks, and we’ll be discussing Toni Morrison’s Sula. I’ve never read her work, but I’ve heard she’s a wonderful author. This time I’ll wait until the third week to read the book though…I tend to read fairly quickly, so I had already forgotten many of the details of the last book by the time the meeting came around. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably go get the book today.

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  1. My book club did Sula last fall, it’s a good intro to Toni Morrision. Some of the characters appear in other books, too. But do try to work your way up to Beloved, her masterpiece. My book club’s almost 14-year reading list is here if you’re ever looking for ideas!

  2. Oh my goodness, Alanna, thank you so much for sharing your list! I will definitely bring it to our next meeting.

  3. Can I be your cat for a day?

    Enjoy Sula!

  4. roux is so luxurious! i’d probably do the same thing, read in advance and forget…

  5. Alanna, that is a hardcore reading list. Wow!

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