Lazy summer dinner

Weekends are my cue to be ultra-lazy. Of course, I’m fairly lazy anyway, but on weekends, I’m especially so. Go for a walk? Nah, I think I’ll stay home and watch reruns of Funniest Home Videos. Blog? Um, maybe on Monday. Cook? Can’t we just go for pizza?

I’m always amazed at how much other people cook on the weekends. It’s their time to take it slowly in the kitchen, baking goodies and making lavish dinners. I’m just the opposite. During the week, I might bake some cookies or invite friends over for dinner. Come Friday night, I’d rather eat a bowl of Raisin Bran and call it a day.

So last night, when our stomachs were growling and we knew we shouldn’t eat out again (we ate pizza at Mangia on Friday, and gorditas and chalupas at Nueva Onda on Saturday), I trudged into the kitchen to whip up some dinner.

I came up with this insanely easy, deceivingly beautiful tomato galette. That’s what I’m calling it, because it sounds nice. It was so simple and delicious, and I would definitely make it again for guests, though I would offer sides with it. Justin and I were so hungry, we just sat down and gobbled the whole thing up and called it dinner.

Tomato and Feta Galette

  • 1 refrigerated pie crust
  • 2 ripe tomatoes, sliced
  • Pinch of coarse salt
  • 6 to 8 basil leaves, torn into small pieces
  • 1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese

Preheat oven to 425°F.

Lay the pie crust on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a Silpat. Arrange the sliced tomatoes in the center of the pie crust, leaving a 2-inch border around the edge. Sprinkle salt, basil, and feta over the tomatoes. Fold the edges of the pie crust toward the center, making folds every inch or so to create a circle shape.

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until crust is just golden. Slice into wedges and serve.

Makes 4 servings (or 2 servings if you’re really hungry and are too lazy to make side dishes).

Source: poco-cocoa.

5 responses to “Lazy summer dinner”

  1. Well you cook a with your job don’t you? Of course you avoid the kitchen on your weekend. That looks very good. Thank you for your suggestions on using up my herbs. If nothing else they are encouraging me to add more variety to my diet, as is reading your blog.

    To answer your question, yes that was all grown in a container garden. I’ll put in the comments a links to my other garden posts. I didn’t do it from seed I got small plants from Whole Foods and Lowes. Parsley is easy.

    I also have an Austin question for you, since you sew. I have a friend coming for a visit from Boston and she wants to go to a fabric store or two. Any places you would recommend?

  2. Hey Lora, I posted this on your site, but in case anyone else out there is interested, I recommend Hancock Fabrics, Silk Road, and Fanny’s…

  3. I think I just found dinner!

  4. Hey nice blog, just visiting from your sisters site…. both sites are cool and have made me hungry mmmmm……

    On your blog the quality of your photos is awesome very vivid and the colours stand out brilliantly.

  5. Thanks, yoggy! I’m still learning to take photos well, but it helps to have a digital camera so that I can try a zillion times and choose the best one. My husband takes some of the photos as well, and he’s much better at it than I am! I’m also glad you visited my sister’s site! She’s way cool…

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