It’s root beer! In a cake!

Here’s another great recipe from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE that book?)

I saw a photo of this and immediately wanted to bake it. So I did. I brought it to work for a co-worker’s birthday, and everyone seemed to really like it. It’s interesting, because when you taste the cake by itself, you can really taste the root beer (I used Maine Root brand, since it’s very root-beery); but once you take a bite with the frosting, it tastes like a deep chocolate cake. 

The instructions warned about overmixing the batter, so I mixed it with a spoon, but I think next time I’d use an electric mixer. The finished cake had tiny swirls of white – unmixed flour – that I really wasn’t happy with. 

Actually, unless someone specifically requests a root beer cake, I’d probably go with a regular chocolate one…but I’d definitely make this frosting again (using milk or coffee instead of the root beer). The recipe made enough to cover the entire cake, and there was still maybe a 3/4 cup leftover for snacking on afterward. I’m not one to eat raw dough or batter, but I can definitely finish leftover frosting.

The recipe can be found here…let me know if you try it out!

3 responses to “It’s root beer! In a cake!”

  1. Yikes! I do not think I could make that cake because I would eat it all up. It looks wonderful.

  2. soooooo yummy. what kind of cake do i get for my bday? 😉

  3. I shall add it to my list of things to cook. And following your suggestion, I will replace the root beer with coca cola… Tomorrow, I am making an apple tart.

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