Colds and iphone Apps

I have a cold. Again. I feel like I’m always sick, either with severe allergies or colds. I’m thinking I seriously need to eat more fruits and veggies. My supervisor eats a TON of them… bowls of apples and grapes and blackberries and oranges, salads and veggie soups… and she’s NEVER sick. I had every intention to eat more produce at the start of the new year, but that fizzled pretty quickly. I have a banana on my desk, and it’s been there since yesterday. I have clementines in the fridge, and they’re starting to get sad. I have to find some way to get those vitamin-packed specimens in my belly.

In other random news, I’ve been downloading a lot of iPhone apps lately. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Evernote. This is, hands-down, my favorite application EVER. I use the desktop version, the web version, and/or the iPhone version daily. It stores all the information you ever wanted to store, and it’s organized and searchable. I have folders for style ideas, for recipes, for home ideas, for deep thoughts, for Halloween costume ideas… I love this app.
  • Tweetdeck. I have to keep up with Twitter while I’m out and about.
  • Gowalla. This one’s fun for keeping track of places you visit, though I’m not sold on all the item-swapping and such.
  • GoodReads. This isn’t actually run by GoodReads, but it does access your book lists, which is really helpful when I’m strolling through the library looking for something new to read.
  • WordPress. For posting to poco-cocoa while I’m on the road.
  • Tumblr. For posting to twinkle lights while I’m on the road.
  • Facebook. Of course.
  • Shazam. Especially if I’m at East Side Show Room, and they’ve got a rockin’ playlist going… this app recognizes songs and gives you the name of the artist and song so you can buy it later.
  • University of Texas App. This is newly released, and it has a staff directory, maps, and all sorts of goodies. Of course, I work at UT, so it’s especially useful to me.
  • Flickr. I can view and edit all my photos from my iPhone, and view my contacts’ photos, too. I can even email them to friends.
  • Stylebook. I love this… I’m still setting it all up. You take photos of every item in your closet, then use this app to organize them and create outfit ideas.
  • MobileRSS. I use Google Reader for all of my blog-reading, and this allows me to keep up with blogs while I’m away from my computer.
  • iPeriod. Ladies, you need this. Seriously.
  • Flip ‘N Drink. Easy to use, with all the cocktail recipes you could want, searchable by ingredient or type.

I also have things like Epicurious, UrbanSpoon, and Pandora, but I don’t use them much.

Do you guys have any other favorites? Let me know!

**Edited to add: Holy smokes, peeps! New iPhone app: Tabbed Out. It allows you to pay your restaurant/bar tab FROM YOUR PHONE. Craziness. It’s being beta-tested in several Austin locations (Cipollina, East Side Show Room, Shangri-La…). So cool!

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  1. I suggest EmerGen C sold at Wal-Mart. It is a big boost of vitamins. It isn’t a cure all, but makes you feel good.
    Let me just tell you about vegetarianism. I spent 21 years of eating a minimal amount of meat. It was only eaten when we went to someone’s house. I think that allergies are really hereditary. I have no allergies, and I am never sick, however my brother who was a year and half younger than me had a lot of allergies and was sick a lot.
    I think diet is important, but it isn’t the only factor to your health. Exercise, diet, spiritual health all play into the whole health thing.
    Your diet is probably better than the majority of Americans. Don’t beat yourself up, make minor changes a little at a time. You will get to where you want to be.
    Hope you’re better soon.

  2. Aw, crap – I hope you didn’t get the cold I was walking around with last week! I’m sorry you’re sick – but seriously, like Sicilian says, you have a great diet.

    TOTALLY downloading iPeriod right now! Because that is hilarious. And I already love Flickr, Shazam, Tweetdeck, Facebook, and Gowalla. I downloaded ShopShop, which is a free application for keeping a grocery list – it’s really satisfying checking things off with a red line. I’m also CRAZY for the IMDB app (tells you local showtimes and gives reviews), the Wikipanion (one-touch access to Wikipedia), and Currency, which lets me track just how weak the dollar has gotten against the Euro. (Weak.) Not to mention Google Earth and Pandora and Battery Magic and Southwest’s travel app and Kayak and and and…

    I could go on and on about aps… lovin’ them! Maybe I should steal your idea and do a post.

  3. Thanks, Sicilian. I think you’re right… it’s not like I eat Burger King and Doritos every day. You always make me feel better about things. 🙂

    Rachel, I’m ready to read your post on iPhone apps!

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