That thing called Indie Chefs Week.

Oh, internets! I’m finally, mostly-kinda back to normal after a week-long crazy event called Indie Chefs Week. It was amazingly fun, brilliant, inspiring, life-changing, etc., but it meant that I worked nonstop, my brain was flexed to the max, and I was left with the worst hangover from overwork/overeat/overdrink/overfun. I would do it again in an instant.

Basically, 35 chefs took over our little kitchen at F&D, and I was responsible for planning housing, travel, ingredients, menus, guest lists, ticket sales, sponsorships, gifts – you name it. It was too much fun, and also a bit overwhelming. I also got to attend two of the dinners as a guest – I felt so luxurious! We’re talking 24 courses of deliciousness, cooked by chefs from all over the U.S. and Canada. I ate horse. I ate oysters. I ate ground ivy. I ate carrot ham. It was amazing.

And so, a few (a TON of) photos. 🙂

Chef feet.

B.J. Smith, blending up goodness.

Kat LeSueur marinating fish.

Justin Severino picking cilantro.

Scott Vivian from Toronto. Don’t mess with this guy – he regularly serves horse and seal at his restaurant.

B.J. and some of his many tattoos.

A full kitchen.

Just a pig waiting to be smoked. No biggie.

David Barzelay portioning out truffle cheesecake.

Plus many more on my instagram account.

I can’t even describe the week, or how much I learned, or how many new friends I made, or how worth it all the work was. It’s hard to go back to everyday life where people don’t regularly eat 8 courses at a meal or drink a bottle of Jameson in a day or use the foulest language with the raunchiest texts. I miss them already.

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