This week I finally got my stuff together and pulled off an amazing feat of cookery. I know I’ve mentioned An Everlasting Meal before, but I still love it and read it over and over. I love the idea of going to the market, coming home and cooking everything up, then having easy-to-use veggies ready to go all week. I’ve been inspired by my friend Kate, who does this most weeks and pretty much rocks in the kitchen.

So on Sunday I went to the farmers’ market and grocery store and loaded up on goodies. This was not all I bought, but it was a good chunk of it. (Click the photos to embiggen.)

I roasted butternut squash and turnips. Beets and broccoli and cauliflower. Little sweet potatoes and whole garlic cloves.

I washed and sauteed swiss chard and the green tops of the turnips, beets, and kohlrabi.

I toasted some walnuts and made a pesto out of the broccoli stems, cauliflower cores, and stems from the greens.

And now I have the makings of delicious meals for the week! Today I had a beet and green sandwich, smeared with mushroom pate and pesto. I snacked on a sweet potato drizzled with soy milk and sprinkled with sugar. I had a room-temperature veggie mix for lunch. And the week isn’t even halfway through! I’m really hoping I can keep this up most weekends, because it ROCKS.

*If you’re wondering where Justin fits into all this, he is on a 10-day juice cleanse, so I’m on my own for food. Funny that I choose all healthy stuff! And yes, he’s crazy.

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  1. Hooray!!!!! All thanks to YOU, and your thoughtfulness, I read the book. I’m roasting cabbage as we speak 😉

    1. Roasted cabbage?! Awesome.

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