Thanksgiving Friends

This is going to be a ginormous post full of people you don’t know, but I want to share these photos of the wonderful people who made my Thanksgiving great!

Justin photobombed Logan.

Jody and Logan toasted oysters.

Rachel and Brandon – Brandon’s an architect and such a witty guy.

I got so many beautiful photos of Rachel!

GQ really loved his whiskey gift – Beth and Brandon are slightly amused. GQ and Beth are the most gracious hosts EVER.

Jody seriously loved the pies.

Tori shucked oysters all night – two for the tray, one for her.

It was Rachel’s job to make sure the turkey’s skin was totally dry. This led to many innuendos.


After many trials and tribulations with Beth’s oven, Logan still managed to roast an amazing turkey.

Another great Rachel photo.

It’s me! I guess I was mad at being photographed.

Tori and Justin sipping cafe au lait at Morning Call.

The girls awaiting a decision from the boys.

Thank you, friends, for making Thanksgiving so wonderful!

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