To sleep or not to sleep


we were craving biscuits and gravy. i think this is my first attempt at gravy. it worked.


this guy has decided that i should be up at 5AM.


this afternoon i had yaupon-berry tea (yum) and biscuit with almond butter and strawberry (not so yum)


t’was a lovely evening for patio snacks. we had local strawberries with sugar, local radishes with local butter and salt, and gin cocktails


after spending the evening on our patio chatting with neighbors, we decided pizza was in order. margherita and prosciutto from cipollina

Lately sleep is my enemy. At night I struggle to fall asleep. Once I’m asleep, I have nightmares and scream myself awake. I toss and turn, and then in the wee hours my cat decides he should claw the bedsheets and wake me up. And then I can’t sleep, and so I get up in the wee hours and work a bit, and then go back to bed in the late morning. It’s a very weird and slightly annoying schedule. Hopefully sometime soon it will all smooth out.

In other news, this song.

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  1. i feel strongly that an essay about your life with night terrors would be fascinating. i would even workshop it with you and help you pitch it to magazines. (this is my way of flying to austin, walking up to your house, and washi-taping you to a chair until you write it.)

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