The things I think about…

Tonight I am sitting on the couch, listening to Andrew Bird’s new album and feeling tipsy on life.

Tonight I am remembering our October trip to New England years ago. Seeing billions of red and yellow leaves for the first time ever, and crying at their beauty. Stopping on the side of the road for a cup of cider and a bag of early McIntosh apples, for a whopping total of one dollar. Having afternoon happy hour with the New York ladies next door, driving down the Kancamagus Highway, unable to stop saying, “wow.” Seeing Boston for the first time, falling in love with it, crafting dreams and hopes and plans over pastries and espressos in the North End. Somehow we made it happen, and we left friends and family and home for that far away dream.

I’m remembering those snowy days in Boston, when I walked to work past the pastry shops and the Italian restaurants, past the Haymarket and the Irish bars. Lunches at the underground salad shops, searching for others who spoke Spanish or knew what Mexican food was, and hefting my bag and coat and hat and scarf and gloves up five flights of stairs when I got home each day. Chasing Roux down three flights of stairs after he snuck out one day. Riding the T, strolling to museums, and walking blocks and blocks with armsful of groceries. Walking from Beacon Hill to the North End one evening with new friends. Crying every single night, knowing that Boston was not in our hearts. Making the decision together to come home to Austin and live the lives we wanted to live.

I’m remembering those first few weeks back in Austin, re-finding our friends, moving into a new neighborhood, and sadly realizing that things had changed and could not be changed back. And yet somehow, we still found our place here. We moved back to our favorite neighborhood. We managed to hang on to many of the people that were important to us (I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost Chad and Linds). We also lost a few, and I think about them nearly every day (oh, Leti, I miss you so much). We carved out a new place for ourselves in our old city. We started businesses, challenged ourselves, grew immensely, and grew closer to each other.

I’m remembering that one fantastic year that we felt wild and crazy, and moved across the country, loved it and hated it, swallowed our pride, came back to Austin, and found our home. Thank heavens for fantastic years.

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