The boys

Allow me to introduce you to a few of the men in my life. Pictured above is Ernie. What can I say about Ernie? He’s sweet and loving, and he’ll just sit in front of you all day as long as you pet him. He’ll lay his head in your lap, or sometimes just offer you a paw to hold.

Below is Sebastian. Aaah…Sebastian. He is sometimes a little too full of life. He likes to jump, he likes to be really, really close to you, and he will plop down on your lap if you let him.

Not pictured is Bert. Bert is the quiet type; he still keeps his distance from me, occasionally stopping by for a quick rub behind the ears, but mostly he seems uninterested in hanging out on our little patio.

Thus passes another afternoon in my busy, busy life, hanging out with these guys and shootin’ the breeze with Todd downstairs. Oops…was I supposed to be looking for a job today?

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