Just another day

So I guess Roux likes towels. First he christened our towel-rug, and now he’s taken over our towel basket. He curls up in it and sleeps there, and we end up having to wash the towels since they’re covered with Roux hair.

Today I took Justin to the orthopedist, who said he had chipped part of the joint in his thumb (proximal phalanx, Justin says), and that he didn’t think surgery was necessary. Which was good, because honestly I hadn’t even thought that surgery was a possibility–scary! He has a removable splint that he has to wear for three weeks, and then we go back to see if it has healed well. Poor guy. No biking, no X-box, no buttoning his pants alone.

After lunch, I took a walk downtown to the library. Man, I love Austin. On the way I passed by beautiful historic houses, city lofts, a BMX bike course, trendy hair salons, and plenty of squirrels and birds. It only took me about 25 minutes to get there, and I was just strolling. I spent the afternoon finding collections of food writing and flipping through back issues of Saveur magazine. I could seriously get used to not working.

One more random thought for the day: TV is an addictive drug. I am addicted. It’s calling my name. I used to watch an occasional PBS show, or maybe a cooking show or two. Now, I’m loving Everyday Italian and West Wing and Buffy and Project Greenlight and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and random movies on Showtime, Cinemax, HBO or Starz…how do people live their lives around the TV schedule? I guess that’s why they have Tivo. I draw the line at Tivo. We get cable for free (thanks Tim and Todd!), but I sometimes wonder whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s free entertainment, but it’s also like a vacuum, sucking you in, and filling your head with subliminal messages (“I need a new haircut like hers” or “oooh, that looks good, maybe we’ll go for an ice cream later” or “man, I need one of those revolving tupperware organizers”) that encourage you to spend, spend, spend. Then again, without TV, I would never know what people are talking about most of the time (“Hey, did you see that commercial…”).

Aside from TV, I’ve been reading a great book called The Tummy Trilogy by Calvin Trillin. It’s all about food and gluttony, my favorite topics. If it’s available at your library, I highly recommend checking it out (or, if you’re an Austinite, BookPeople currently has it on its bargain table for $6.99!!). It’s incredibly funny, and totally focused on the art of eating good food (not healthy food, just good food).

Okay, internet, enough rambling for tonight. Stay tuned…

5 responses to “Just another day”

  1. Hey Crystal!

    I just finally got to your email with your Blog page! Must be the week of Blogging, for I got hooked on Rosie O’Donnell’s page this week too. (http://onceadored.blogspot.com/)

    Perhaps with your excellent cooking abilities, you can work with the Soup Peddler and do a weekly Vegetarian Meal? You have what seems to be a million receipes and everyone likes healthy food that tastes great. A career you might love and enjoy at the same time.

    Your Landlord (cable and internet provider/addictor, ruler or defeater of the crazy dogs, neighbor, and friend),


    p.s. for only $2.00 a month we could trade out your cable box for a “DVR” (Tivo type box). Wouldn’t want you to miss any good shows while you are out enjoying our wonderful Spring weather! *grin*

  2. Actually, I think Tivo would be a great idea. That way, you control what you want to see when you want to and not the other way around. If in the middle of Buffy you and Jestin want to walk to a cool place to grab a snack or something.. then do it. If you are not in the mood to watch one show one day and would rather see back-to-back eps of another show.. then do it. Tv is subliminal. But upon knowing that you know are steps closer to controlling it.
    *plus 2 bucks?!! Cmon! how can you pass that up?! 😉

  3. Thanks for your comments, guys. (Joey, sorry your post was moderated…I checked the options and they were still okay. Must be a glitch in the matrix.)

    I’ll have to check with Justin about getting DVR. (Which means sign me up!!!) I think you’re right, Joey, it’s better to control what you watch than watch whatever comes on between your favorite shows…

  4. Yea… jojo and i are at the mercy of basic cable (no channels above 12)… so, its slim pickens for us but yet it still controlls me. I’m in the matrix!!!

  5. Oh I know why it moderated… I tried to put an html line break. my bad.

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