Sunday Funday


Today I really meant to start packing for the big move. However, I really needed to go to Jo’s Chili Cookoff to support my F&D team! Ned and Joel cooked up venison chili with garam masala.


Twas quite delicious. I decided to have a beer to celebrate the occasion. I’m not really a beer drinker, so I sipped a bit and tossed the rest. But I felt really cool holding a beer.


Afterward I did some shopping (for the love of all that is holy, keep me away from Anthropologie already), and then J and I headed to Olive & June for some patio time. We had cocktails and snacks.


I have to say, those legs in the background were quite distracting. They were paired with super short shorts, 4-inch plus platform heels, and a crazy mane of hair. I was so excited to see what her date looked like – turned out she was meeting a friend. Do you dress like that to meet a girlfriend for happy hour? Maybe I’m doing it wrong. 🙂

So seriously, TOMORROW I will start packing. Really.

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