Left: Fall means that gorgeous afternoon light, and open windows, and cats pretending they are outside.
Right: Fall means sipping coffee by the fireplace even though it’s probably not really cold enough to have a fire lit.


Left: George rushed to my laptop and flopped on it. My first thought was, MY LAPTOP! My second thought was, “Oh, George.”
Right: Reading about foraging (my new favorite thing) and sipping a chocolate cappuccino at Houndstooth.


Left: Knitting a striped blanket that will end up costing me way more than I thought by the time I buy all the yarn.
Right: Justin made waffles and cinnamon persimmons for brunch.

Dancing to this song.

Reading this article that Rachel sent me. Of note:

When we can’t say “No,” we become a sponge for the feelings of everyone around us and we eventually become saturated by the needs of everyone else while our own hearts wilt and die. We begin to live our lives according to the forceful should of others, rather than the whispered, passionate want of our own hearts. We let everyone else tell us what story to live and we cease to be the author of our own lives.

Craving this cake, this stew, this soup, and these treats.

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  1. Re: “Knitting a striped blanket that will end up costing me way more than I thought by the time I buy all the yarn.”

    Hahaha, YES TO THIS! I’m currently working on a mustard-colored infinity scarf that I originally saw on Amazon for $12. Went to get supplies, and one skein of my yarn was like $8 and of course, I need 3-4 to finish. Knitting and sewing always sounds so thrifty, but then you buy all your supplies and you’re like, “Oops, that was like triple the price of the original item that inspired me to make this in the first place.” I just try to remember now that my handmade stuff will be way better quality and last way longer than the “fast fashion” from places like Target or Amazon. Plus, it’s fun!

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