So a long time ago, I bought these shoes. They are super comfortable, and I loved the color, and I thought the flower was cute. Then I realized I was never wearing the shoes because that damned flower was so huge. Finally, today I decided to cut those huge petals off. Et voila! New shoes!

I’ve sent off my first tiny batch of photos to be printed from Snapfish. I never print my photos (except film photos), but I’ve started a new journal, and I want to include weekly photos. I hope they turn out well!

I love this, from a poem by Joachim Ringelnatz (via Apartamento):

The problems of this world are killing you,
and yet the Earth is such a friendly star!
You want to be rich?
Well, isn’t that what you are?

Last night I had the most wonderful dinner – I had quinoa and bulgur with a bit of hummus and feta, and a perfectly crisp fried egg. Every time I tasted the egg, I had to close my eyes and sigh.

And fun things:

2 responses to “Randoms”

  1. Awwww, I want to run with a duck!

    I have to ask–how did you decide which toesies to paint a different color? Maybe it’s just pure randomness, but it seems like you’d have a reason since you always seem to have sweet little meanings behind things!

    1. Hmmm… I do this sometimes with my fingernails, and I suppose I just like for them to be random. I don’t know how I chose which ones would be red!

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