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I did carry my camera with me to New Mexico, but I’m a bit overwhelmed with the number of photos I took! So for now, here’s what I’ve been seeing through my iPhone lens.

Roux got a postcard from London! It was very suspiciously around the time that my friends Aimee and Josh were there.

David made fantastic tiki drinks at the Noble Pig/Treaty Oak/Tipsy Texan party for tiki week. One was called the Banana Hammock. 🙂

Our drink came in a pineapple with lots of umbrellas and super-long straws. And the tiki sandwich from Noble Pig was insanely good.

This is a Mary Pickford. Lovely.

And this is a Fancy Free.

I’ve found my sanctuary – Deep Eddy Pool. We go in the evenings when everyone has left for the day, and just swim and sunbathe and gaze at the sky.

Awesome mail day! Gather, Sated, Remedy, and a card from a friend.

In New Mexico, we had a late dinner at Pizza Inn. Their subs are so good – the bread is crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

We also stopped at this cute newsstand in my hometown. I bought an issue of Betty & Veronica for old time’s sake (so sexist and shallow now), and miraculously, they also had copies of Lucky Peach!

New Mexican deliciousness – proper red enchiladas with beans, rice, salad and crema.

My mom made flour tortillas from scratch. She makes the BEST tortillas – they’re thick and filling and delicious.

Another good mail day – I received my copy of Get Jiro! It’s soooo much fun, though I think a lot of it would go over people’s heads if they aren’t’ food nerds.

We went to Tigress Pub for the uncorking of their new barrel-aged cocktail, the Foreign Legion. It’s crazy good. While we were there, it was storming outside, with huge lightning and even an explosion or two downtown. As the rain slowed, a bajillion moths swarmed the air, which drew in a bajillion birds who dove around feasting on them. It was eerie.

We have summer smorgasbord a lot for dinner now. I just cook up some quinoa and bulgur, throw in a side vegetable (steamed broccoli, or cucumber/tomato/yogurt), hummus, feta, and whatever else we can find.

I felt like having tea and crumpets. Justin calls any little cookie/cracker/sweet thing that goes well with tea a crumpet.

Today was another good mail day – a card from a friend and the Israel To Go book, straight from Tel Aviv, that I’ve been pining for and finally ordered.

I hope you’ve all had a great week – and have a safe Friday the 13th!

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