On Grandmas

How about this? How about we all take a moment and think about our Grandmas?

My Grandma Yaya was the sweetest, most loving woman you would ever meet. In fact, I’m sure that everyone that met her ended up calling her Grandma Yaya. She had crinkly eyes and rosy cheeks, and her face seemed to be held in a permanent smile. She loved God and loved her family, and gave so much of herself that Greed was something she likely didn’t understand.

At one point she had over 30 grandchildren, and we still each got a Christmas gift every year. A pair of socks, a bag of chips, a hand-sewn apron.

She gave to her church, she gave to her children. Most importantly, she gave me my father, and instilled in him the virtues and strengths that I love so much.

She survived the loss of her husband and five children. She believed in the goodness of God and the potential of her children and grandchildren.

She never forgot to ask me how my husband was, even toward the end, even when she was tired and sick and battling the cancer that finally overtook her.

She lived a long and blessed life, and from her I learned that giving yourself, giving love, giving hope is always the best choice, the choice that brings peace, and strength, and connection.

Last night she passed away – I can picture her now in the arms of God, her rosy cheeks aglow at the sight of my Grandpa, her heart filled with pride at raising and loving her children.

From her death I have learned that life is never long enough, that parents are to be cherished and appreciated and loved, that family is far more important to me than I thought possible.

I am heartbroken and yet strengthened. I am regretful and yet hopeful. I will take this moment as a lesson in life, of what I want for myself, and my family, and my heart.

Life is too short. Give more love.

5 responses to “On Grandmas”

  1. Dear Crystal, I am thankful that you had such a wonderful grandmother, whom you loved and cherished. She has given you such an excellent example for life, even when she knew she was leaving this earth. May this be a time of rejoicing, along
    with the tears, for all of your family. Rachel

  2. Crystal,
    I’m so sorry about your loss. Thank you for sharing such beautiful words about your Yaya.

  3. Such beautiful words and I am sure there so many more fond memories. Peace be with you and you family.

  4. Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful lady Crystal. I’m sorry for your loss.

  5. Thank you all so much. I truly appreciate your kindness and concern. xoxo

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