On a Friday


This morning there was ice. Maybe a bit of snow. Austin slowed to a stop, because we are unprepared for any weather other than hot.


Roux was unfazed by it all. He sat on my phone, as usual. I think he’s trying to hatch something.


I had chai with a bit of milk and read from a book or two.


Everyone was cozy and snuggly. Little took up her spot on J’s lap.


I decided maybe it was time to pick up my camera again. We’ll see.

We bought ballet shoes and tuna melts. We remembered old movies and moments from our honeymoon. I had dinner with girlfriends and celebrated birthdays (all turned 29, of course). There was bubbly and rosé, moscato de asti and margaritas at home.

I’d say it was a very good Friday. I’m so happy to know that Saturday and Sunday are yet to come.

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