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Lately I’ve been using my phone to capture daily photos instead of carrying my camera around. I miss my cameras, though, both my dSLR and my Yashica. I want to get in the habit of making pictures again.

Here’s an overview of last week:

At some point early in the week I had time to just sit and read and journal. I can’t even imagine that now, because the second half of the week was so incredibly busy.

I went to the dentist and found out that sometime soon I’m going to have to get a crown, which should cost about $1,000. I consoled myself with a panna cotta and toffee gelato while getting groceries.

On Wednesday afternoon, our friend Jeret (Tavern Keeper at the Esquire Tavern), his wife, and a couple of friends popped in from San Antonio for the day. We started with drinks at the Tigress Pub, and had a great chat with Pam. This is the Slingshot, one of the delicious drinks on the new menu.

We walked over to Foreign & Domestic for dinner, and proceeded to eat so much that we thought we’d die of food. This is the smothered potato gratin. Do it.

Then we hopped over to Weather Up to see our friend Josh. I love how New Yorky it was. The drinks were great, but I did not like waiting so long. 🙁

And THEN we went to Midnight Cowboy. By this time we were all dragging and sleepy, but it was great to see our friend Brian there. I think most of us liked our drinks. I should have ordered something different.

On Thursday I had a long meeting at Yellow Jacket Social Club. I actually loved the atmosphere and music, but there was a haze of smoke (cooking smoke!) so thick that my eyes were irritated. I kept having to go outside to breathe. The outside tables were great, though.

Friday and Saturday were a blur. I helped out with Rachel and Logan’s welcome back party, which was fun but utterly exhausting. Those two can throw a PARTY! Even with this scorching heat.

Today was spent sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping. A few crosswords. A bit of reading. Lots of worrying about massive amounts of work tomorrow. And a stop at Tarka for paneer tikka masala and my favorite mango lemonade.

Hopefully this week I’ll have more photos to share!

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  1. Even though I follow you on Instagram, I feel like I know so much more about your week with these explanations! What I’ve heard about Weather Up (don’t tell anyone) is that they are SLOW before like 10pm. So go early and have the amazing cocktails without the wait. 🙂

  2. I meant “SLOW” as in patron wise… as in nobody is there. Kinda like how Drink.Well is slower early and ramps up around 10. 🙂

    1. That makes sense – we were actually there on a Wednesday night at around 8pm, with a not-full bar, and still waited forever. I think I’ll give them a bit more time to settle in. 🙂

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