This is a dangerous drink. It tastes like Jamaica and is too easy to make! A couple of years ago when we went to Portland, we had a great rum drink at Beaker & Flask (which is now closed). It was a simple mix of dark rum and pineapple gomme over coconut water ice cubes. I forgot all about it until I saw this pineapple gum syrup at Métier – and now it’s our new favorite thing!

So we label our booze jars a bit differently. Our dark rum is labeled “Ya mon, why not?” because when we were in Jamaica, Justin was getting a piña colada at the bar, and said, “hey, can I get two of these?” And the bartender said, “Ya mon, why not?” 🙂

Our tequila jar is labeled “Hard Water,” our gin is labeled “White Lady” (my favorite gin drink), and our Creme Yvette is labeled “Royal Chubbles.”

Royal Chubbles:
Cheap bubbly = chubbles
Bubbly with cassis added = Kir Royale
Cheap bubbly with my preferred Creme Yvette added = Royal Chubbles
It somehow makes sense in my brain. 😉

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