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Thursday in Portland

September 7, 2012

ready for the day

waiting for coffee

it’s nice having stumptown downstairs from our hotel room

wonderful croissant and amazing salty-sweet pastry from little t american baker

justin was so lucky to find this 1978-1979 harvard bookstore bookmark on the street

afternoon nap

awesome art at a lovely shop

papaya salad and corn with salty coconut cream at pok pok

afternoon tea at little t

portland, oregon reminds me of portland, maine

rum and campari drinks at beaker and flask

crispy pigs ears and tofu with celery-vermouth granite (though my favorite thing EVER was the albacore tuna with baby octopus, smoked tomatoes, and fingerling potato salad)

the lovely view

then a trip to whole foods for snacks, a bit of work, and sleep.

good night!

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  1. Aimee says:

    You are very much making me want to go back and visit Portland! I can’t believe I only made it there a few times while living up in the Northwest. Putting it on my “try to travel to” list for next year. It looks like you guys are having a great time and your photos are so lovely!

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