Birthday goodies, a week late

So I had a wonderful birthday, complete with lots of phone calls and cards, a great dinner with friends, and lovely, lovely gifts!

Of course I had already received the Denyse Schmidt Quilts book from my sister, and my mom sent this cute sewing machine cover that she made for me…it’s Roux!

In keeping with the “I love my kitty” theme, Shara made me this cute, cute shirt (please ignore the wrinkles…I just wore it!) for me. (Rob was the creative director for this gift, apparently).

Lindsay and Chad gave me this great cherry necklace that I’ve been coveting. I’m totally into cherries at the moment.

Natalie and Grant found this gorgeous journal. The paper is amazing…one side is textured and the other is smooth. I’m still trying to decide what to use it for, though I think I’d love to use my calligraphy pens on that paper.

Leti found this amazing embroidered ring…isn’t it beautiful? I’ve been wearing it nonstop.

And Leya sent this lovely zippered pouch and stitched card, which arrived just before my birthday!

Thank you everyone, for all your kind thoughts and wishes!

3 responses to “Birthday goodies, a week late”

  1. Happy Birthday a week late!!

  2. Oops, that was me saying happy birthday!

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