Apron and Kitchen Swap

Vidya and I had another swap this month, and we decided on two aprons and a kitchen item. I had fun crafting her gifts:

I FINALLY finished knitting the dishcloth. It took me forever, probably because it wasn’t a straight knit, it was a mix of knit and purl, which to me (a beginner) is quite challenging. It looked like it would do a great job of scrubbing some dishes, though.

After knitting the dishcloth, I fell in love with Sugar N’ Cream cotton yarn, so I bought some more and knitted a half apron. It’s far from perfect, but I think it’s pretty cute!

My favorite was this one, though…a simple full apron with a chocolate sash. I was tempted to keep this one, but I knew it was going to a friend who’d love it just as much as I did.

Vidya always surprises me with her clever use of vintage and found objects in her crafts. Check out this apron, made from an old pair of pants.

Here’s some detail of the vintage scarf she used as a sash, and the cute vintage button at the top. She embroidered the words “banana bread” with a happy little slice, too.

The second apron was also cute, with a gorgeous flowered print and a terry-cloth-lined pocket.

This photo shows the colors better, and you can see the cool ties made from yarn.

And for the kitchen item, she crocheted this vase from sisal and cloth. There’s a bottle underneath there, perfect for holding a sunflower!

I love swaps.

4 responses to “Apron and Kitchen Swap”

  1. Dish cloths are my new favorite thing to knit because I can get one done in a couple of nights! I love the knit apron. Could post or send me the pattern you used?

  2. Yea! Swaps! I have been using my aprons, they are fun! Thanks again! 🙂

  3. I love the one with the yarn ties and pocket- so Fifties! Very cute. Im jealous!

  4. My husband is a househusband (and I work). He wears an apron when he does his housework. I like to wear a hostess apron when I entertain. I’d love that pink one for me.

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