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I’ve been hanging out at Josephine House quite a bit. I went last week to check it out with Justin. Then I went back so Kate could check it out. Then Justin and I walked down there again. Then I went with Aimee so she could see it. I think I need a Josephine House break. I know my wallet does!

Josh’s fruit cup is soooo good – it’s like a Pimm’s Cup, but made with rye whiskey. That man can seriously create some good cocktails.

Lately I’ve been thinking of this odd life that I lead. I feel so lucky to have such talented friends. Some are photographers, some are writers. Some create art and some create food. Some are celebrities in this little food scene of ours, and some are the greatest living experts on 1980s music. I feel constantly inspired to create things, and also constantly stressed out about creating things.

I’ve never really though of myself as a creative type. I have always been the brain – nerdy, intelligent, does well on tests, knows the state capitals, all that jazz. And yet in my adult life, I have written two books and several articles, taken lots of great photographs, written poetry, knitted scarves and sewn curtains and clothing and softies, created mail art and journals and handmade books. So why don’t I feel creative? Why do I still identify myself as the nerdy, left-brained geek? I don’t even remember the capital of North Dakota. (Sad, but true.)

Anyway, I am trying to step outside myself for a bit and realize that I have my own talents and juicy contributions to the arts. It’s such a hard thing for a nerd to accept.

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  1. Wait! you can’t write off going back to Josephine House until you introduce me to it.

    I feel you about the creativity. You’re my creative friend, though! 🙂

    1. Okay, but we gotta go soon before Josh leaves!

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