A few things.


Here’s my haircut! Taking this photo reminded me that I used to take a daily photo at Daily Mugshot. I might start doing it again, because I’m vain like that. 🙂 Actually, it’s neat to see how my hair/clothes/home changes over time, too.


Last night we had SUCH a great time. We walked downtown and had a drink and deviled eggs and sweet fried shrimp at the bar at Lamberts, and we met up with my friend Jason. We hadn’t seen him in three months, so it was great to catch up. Then we walked to Imperia and sat in the bar and had a drink and some edamame and some nigiri (mmmm, fatty salmon). We played a game with the waitress called “Guess what this leaf is on the bottom of the plate.” Justin even tasted it to see if he could figure it out. It was bamboo. I don’t think you’re supposed to eat bamboo. The waitress gave us free sake as a prize for Justin’s bravery. Then we walked over to Annie’s Cafe and had a drink and a calamari salad. We hadn’t been there since my friend David stopped working there. It was still good, but not as wonderful as when David was behind the bar. Then we walked home. I think walking-restaurant-hopping dates are the bomb.


Today I ran a bajillion errands and Justin attempted to fix the dishwasher. It didn’t work, so I think we’ll be hand-washing for a while. I like the idea of getting rid of that big piece of machinery in our kitchen – we don’t have a built-in dishwasher, it’s a little portable one, and it takes up precious counter space. I already have plans for that counter space…


Tonight we’re going to drive around town in my friend Jason’s old jeep. We might go to Mount Bonnell and check out the view from the top. And then we’ll go to Dairy Queen, because Jason loves Dairy Queen. I think I will get an Oreo Blizzard, in honor of my dad, who loves Oreo Blizzards.


Justin is having knee surgery on Monday. He tore his ACL a couple of months ago, and we thought he could get by without surgery, but he’s just not able to play basketball and tennis, two things that he loves. So surgery it is. I’m nervous, because he’ll be under anesthesia, and he’s not so great with anesthesia. Also, he’s very stubborn and I’m worried he will push himself too hard too soon. I have no idea how I’m going to get him up the stairs after the surgery. Of course he thinks it will be no problem, because he’ll be just fine and dandy to hop up the stairs that day. We’ll see.


This is my new favorite video EVER. I’ve watched it like eleventy-one times already. I just love the way she talks.



I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

10 responses to “A few things.”

  1. You look very pretty. Looks like your weekend is going great. Love you mom

    1. Thanks, Mama! Love love love you.

  2. Love the new haircut! I’m thinking of cutting mine, but can’t decide…It is so long! Gary says to get a rope and pulley and pull him up! Haha!Crazy guy! I love Marcel!

    1. Thanks! Your hair is so gorgeous, long or short.

  3. Love the haircut! I hope Justin’s surgery goes well.

    1. Thanks, and thanks! 🙂

  4. Love your hair, Crystal! 🙂

  5. hi crystal 🙂
    i’m still laughing with the final scene of that little video… that was creative!
    oh, i hope all goes well with justin’s surgery and that he recovers in very little time. my husband has the exact same problem in his right knee but doctors either here and in brazil have told him no surgery is needed unless he tores his acl completely. he’s in pain almost every day, so we don’t know what’s worse…
    let us know how it goes… although bruno is pretty scared about having a knee surgery someday, i’m sure it’d be the best thing for him and that he’d be happy to see it works well.
    have a great week, you two! xx

    1. Right? I loooooove Marcel. And thanks for your well-wishes for Justin. We had to reschedule the surgery, but I’ll let you know how it goes when we do have it.

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