Today we ate out twice. It’s a good thing I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, because they would have already been broken. 🙂

We walked to Counter Cafe for lunch. We shared the lemon veggie soup.

And a crab cake.

And a pastrami sandwich.

With fries.

I like sitting at the counter in restaurants. If I have a choice, I will almost always choose the counter or bar.

I like the way it’s more personal, more communal.

I found myself in a bauble.

Maybe they’re leftover from the holidays, but they made me smile.

For dinner we went to Maudie’s. We don’t eat here often, even though it’s really close. We had some chips and salsa and guacamole. Justin had a Mexican martini, and I tried a strawberry margarita, but I didn’t end up drinking it. I think maybe it’s the tequila they use – I’ve never been a big fan of their margaritas. :/

I had a “regular plate” – which apparently starts with a crispy taco appetizer. I love crispy tacos.

It also came with cheese enchiladas with chile con carne, beans, rice and tortillas. I ended up just eating some beans and rice, because I didn’t like the enchiladas. I was very picky today.

Other memorable parts of my day:

  • I talked to my mom, and they are much closer to selling their old house and moving into their new house, which is good news.
  • I found a new iPad app called Zite, which creates a personalized magazine for you based on your Google Reader and Twitter feeds and such. It’s kind of a rabbit hole, though – I was almost glad when the app crashed, so I could extract myself from it and the couch.
  • Today we had all of our windows open, and the birds were chirping, and an airplane flew by, and it felt like summer. Like a summer from my childhood, when you could watch the crop dusters from afar, and lay in the breeze and dream.
  • After dinner we stopped at Randall’s to get some limes and bananas and ice. We never shop there – I usually shop at Central Market, Wheatsville, or Fresh Plus – but it was nearby. We ended up with two bags worth of junk food. It’s the comfort brands that we grew up with, or had in college – Hostess Donettes, Honey Bunches of Oats, Keebler cookies. I didn’t realize that these brands aren’t usually available at my fancy pants grocers, and so we are never tempted by them. Now I just HAVE to eat all these cookies and such. (Darn.)
  • That’s about it.

Tomorrow is Friday, and my sister’s birthday! She’s the best sister in the world, just FYI.

4 responses to “Thursday”

  1. Regarding Zite: Flipboard also has a magazine-y interface, but I stopped using it because all that decoration was just getting in the way of MAH CONTENT. 🙂 It’s very pretty and feels like The Future, though.

    1. I agree! I stopped using Flipboard, too. Zite is more websites and less about your friend’s feeds, though. :/

  2. Sounds like a delicious day! Yeah for birthdays!! I am only the best because I have the best sister too! We Are great together. Like pb&j!

    1. I’m glad you had a lovely birthday, sis!

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