All in a day’s work

Today I met Shay, this gorgeous little 7-week old Jack Russell Terrier. She’s incredibly small, and incredibly cute! She’s all wriggly and curious, and so soft you just want to hold her next to your cheek and feel her warmth. I was sad to see this little guest go.

One of the perks of my job is that I get to meet so many different people. Many of them are with the University of Texas, some are parents of UT students, and others are just passing through. A typical day in the dining room might include conversations in French, German, and/or Spanish, or chats about astrophysics or funding for the arts. Some guests are quiet, eating their breakfast, giving me a small nod as I pass by, while others introduce themselves immediately and like to chat about Austin.

Most guests ask me one or both of two questions: “Are you the owner?” and “Are you a student at UT?” Of course, the answer to both of these questions is a simple, “No.” If the guests seem chatty and interested, I explain that I’m the breakfast cook, and that Sylvia and Chris live just across the street. I might tell them that I graduated from college over six years ago, that I was a practicing dietitian for a while, and that I find this job much more fun. Or I might just smile and let them guess.

Our other breakfast cook has moved on to a position with the state, so we are currently trying to fill his place. I’ve been working extra days, which leaves me a bit tired in the afternoons, but still in love with my job nonetheless. How can I complain? I get to cook, bake, talk, fold laundry (I know, I’m weird, but I like folding laundry), and hang out in a beautiful house. I even get to meet guests like Shay every now and then. Life is good.

6 responses to “All in a day’s work”

  1. Now that’s a great life! And that Shay – beyond adorable!!

  2. i love puppy pics 🙂 that is an especially cute one.

    i think your job sounds like fun.

  3. Your job seems pretty cool…

    And the dog is soooo cute!

  4. Hey! I am ready for Austin!

  5. What a cute little dog. How wonderful to have a job that you really enjoy. I would love that.

  6. Adorable! So nice to hear you talk about your life, which you obviously enjoy.

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