weekend breakfasts

I love breakfasts on the weekends. I’m always so rushed on weekdays… breakfast is usually a bowl of shredded wheat scarfed down while checking the weather. Weekends are a bit slower.

If I’m cooking, it’s something simple, like toast with butter and lemon-rosemary marmalade and hot cocoa.

If Justin’s cooking, you can bet there will be eggs, bacon, coffee, and tortillas.

I’m still not a big fan of breakfast for dinner… I’m not sure why. I guess it seems like the food’s a bit out of season… it’s supposed to be eaten at breakfast. You look forward to breakfast because that’s the only time you eat these things. Did I mention I like to follow the rules, even if they’re arbitrary?

2 responses to “weekend breakfasts”

  1. I guess I don’t care for breakfast at any time of the day unless it is pancakes! I can eat those any time!! Eggs…eh…not so much. They are so yucky! Miss you!

    1. Oh, I loooove eggs! Well, I love fried eggs and soft-boiled eggs and hard-boiled eggs. I don’t really care for scrambled eggs. And I do love pancakes (especially mom’s), but I’m always hungry like an hour after I eat them. 🙂

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