The Scoop

Or…why Mexicans don’t need utensils.

I guess every Mexican-American learns the Scoop Technique at some point during childhood. It works for any food, whether it’s beans or a ground beef mixture or fideo or eggs. Who needs forks? We have tortillas!

Tonight we had breakfast for dinner, primarily because we haven’t gone grocery shopping this week and we’re out of meals. I decided on over-easy eggs with black beans and potatoes, and Justin had a variation of this with potato-egg-and-cheese tacos and black beans on the side. He always prefers scrambled eggs; I always prefer over-easy. Anyway, a down-home meal like this has to be served with tortillas (whole wheat for me, flour for Justin) for scooping.

I have to share this link with you all…I found an article in the Fort Wayne Reader (an arts and entertainment newspaper in Indiana) that mentions poco-cocoa! Odd, but still exciting (thank you, Ms. Connolly!). It says I’m a West Texas blogger, but I prefer to be called an Austin blogger. 🙂

I spent the afternoon perusing magazines at the library while Justin and Chad went mountain biking. Hopefully I’ll get it together enough to go grocery shopping tomorrow, and I can post new recipes then. Until then, practice your scooping!

5 responses to “The Scoop”

  1. Glad to hear that you haven’t forgot how to scoop! LOVE YOU!

  2. Too cool that you were mentioned in that article!

    I’ll have to pratice my scooping technique now!

  3. Wow, you’re famous! ; ) Hoooraay

  4. I am the king of scoop (and don’t let jestin tell you differently). Let’s just say that pizza is better eaten with da’scoop! (haha.. joking about using it on pizza) For the most part I use tortillas with allot of my meals. I think out of habit i find it more rewarding to eat the utincil (?spelling) other than feeling the steal thing putting the food into my mouth. heheh

  5. Congrats on print recognition.

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