stuffed shells

Tonight I made stuffed shells. And they were so freakin’ delicious. I used this recipe… and I had planned to use manicotti, but Central Market was out of manicotti, so shells it was. And it turns out that shells are much easier to stuff! So from now on, it’s shells for us.

Also, yesterday was our Thanksgiving potluck at work. Everyone brought such lovely goodies to share. And there was plenty of food for me, the new vegetarian, to eat. I basically ate a plateful of starch – mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, pasta salad, corn pudding… but I wasn’t complaining. I’m very lucky to work with a great group of people at UT. Our Associate Vice Presidents gave a little speech as we all sat down to eat, and they mentioned how thankful they were to come to work each day and know that they were going to work with a great team. And I feel that way, too. Of course there are tough days, and of course some things/people will annoy me from time to time, but overall, I love my job. I love my coworkers, I love what I do, and I love working for a university. I’m very thankful for that.

Perhaps the one thing I am most happy about is…. New Moon! My friend Natalie and I have bought tickets to the midnight screening of New Moon tomorrow night, and I am so excited. Perhaps I should be embarrassed to be so enamored of a young adult fiction series, of a series of movies starring teen idols, but I’m not. I can’t lie. I love Edward. I even (resentfully) love Jacob. And I can NOT wait until tomorrow night. 🙂

So happy Wednesday, everyone.

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  1. So, you’re Team Edward? 🙂

    That’s the thing about Thankgiving vegetarian food – it’s all starch! Logan and I were talking about it, and we realized everything but the turkey at Thanksgiving will be veggie… but it’s all beige!

    Those stuffed shells look great, too – I could see why they’re easier to stuff than manicotti! Cute, too.

  2. love the new layout!

  3. Yum! Going to have to give that recipe a try.

  4. We are coming to Austin in search of Tofurky. I have had it once, and want to make sure there is a vegetarian alterative at our Thanksgiving meal.

    1. Oh, I’m sure you can find it at Whole Foods or Central Market!

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