We had one bunch of spinach left from this weeks bushel, so I decided to mix it with some Israeli feta and make spanikopita-like bundles. I didn’t really follow a recipe, I just kind of winged it, but they turned out really good! They would have been better with a bit of tzatziki to dip them in, but we settled on guacamole. We’re such culture-clashers. 🙂

To make these little treats, I just sauteed some chopped fresh spinach in olive oil with a bit of garlic and a pinch of salt until wilted but still bright green. I cooled it a bit, then mixed in some feta and a bit of beaten eggs. I then just folded up dollops in phyllo dough and brushed the tops with beaten egg. I baked them at 350F for about 20 minutes. Easy enough, and a great use of that wonderful spinach.

I can’t believe we actually used up all of our produce this week! Actually, we still have some key limes left, but I’m sure we’ll find a use for those.

5 responses to “spanikopit-ish”

  1. My vote for the key limes? COCKTAILS!!!

  2. Make me a key lime pie!

  3. I found your food blog going through a few links. Glad I ran into it. Didn’t know that the food blog/recipe community was so big online. I love your posts!

    I was wondering if you would like to exchange links. I’ll drop yours on my site and you drop mine on yours. Email at or stop by my site and drop a comment. Let me know if you would like to do a link exchange.


  4. those look tasty! and you’re so inventive. How is Israeli feta different from Greek feta?

  5. Connie, I have no clue, but it’s yummy! 🙂

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