Party, party, party!

This weekend was chock-full of fun for us. We had plans for three separate parties, though we only made it to two…and we had a blast!

First we had my friend Leti’s 30th birthday bash on Saturday night. She went all out with everything…from her fabulous party dress to the amazing food and gorgeous decorations.

Everything had a hot pink and black theme, with hot pink roses standing in vases of black beans (very appropriate for the taco-party theme), black and clear half marbles strewn over the hand-sewn fabric tablecloths, hot pink napkins, and gorgeous handmade stars hanging from the ceiling.

The dinner was catered by Taco Deli, one of our favorite little Austin spots.

Leti’s friend Selena brought her fabulous tres leches cake. Leti also made dessert skewers, with pound cake, kiwi, brownies, pineapple, strawberries, and blackberries. It was great to spend time with her and her family and friends.

By the time we left the party, it was already after 10:00, a little too late for us to make it to Justin’s brother’s anniversary party about an hour away in San Marcos…these are the sacrifices you must make when you work at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. It sounds like they had a good time, though.

Today we attended a couples-baby shower for our friends Courtney and Mark, who are expecting their first baby in November. Lindsay hosted it, which of course meant fabulous food and music and such. I took my camera with me, but it sat unused on the mantle for the whole party…I was too busy chatting it up to remember to take photos.

So now it’s finally time to wind down and get ready for the week, which will hopefully be a little less hectic, but still as much fun. Hope your weekends were also filled with friends and frivolity!

3 responses to “Party, party, party!”

  1. hello sweetie! omg i am behind two new posts and i didnt know! i so love the pic of leti! aww she is so b-e-a-utiful! i mis her so! omg just think one more month and there will be a new body around there! lol! so adorable! miss you lots girly! love you!

  2. wow, the table looks beautiful! so does the food! and your friend’s dress is really cute. what a fun weekend

  3. living large, PC! now, you know i NEED selena’s so delicious looking tres leches recipe–WOW!!!

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