Insomnia rocks.

Doesn’t it? When it’s 3:00 a.m., and the world is sleeping, and you’re laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, willing yourself to fall asleep, thinking, “I’m going to be exhausted at work tomorrow.” Seriously, it’s the best.

The good thing about insomnia is that sometimes the middle of the night is the perfect time to write. And so, here I am!

I’m thinking it’s time for more baking around here… what with me declaring it autumn and all. And maybe some simple old recipes, like my mom’s chicken spaghetti (What’s in that, Mom? All I remember is Rotel and Velveeta.) or chili beans or green enchiladas.


We had this lovely dinner a few nights ago… I love it when I come across old recipes that I’ve forgotten about! This is one of my favorite ways to cook tofu (though I seem to have forgotten the sriracha sauce this time), and somehow it had slipped out of my memory until last week. It’s so sweet and toothsome and tasty.

I served it with a cherry tomato salad, which is super simple to make… just toss some halved cherry tomatoes with a bit of sesame oil, soy sauce and chopped cilantro (another Bittman idea). That’s it! The flavors actually remind me of the poke we had in Hawaii, and it was a perfect side dish for the tofu.

In other news, I’m awake! At 3:00 a.m.! Yay!

Sweet dreams, internets.

5 responses to “Insomnia rocks.”

  1. Ouch. I totally sympathize with the insomnia – how about we just agree that we’re still on Hawaii time?

    Love the idea for the cherry tomato salad – I think I have all of those things here in the house!

  2. Laura Louise Lane

    Hopefully you will sleep soundly tonight! Sounds like you needed a couple of shots of starbucks espresso to make it through today. Hope the day flies by.

  3. I had insomnia this past night and was blogging also. Sometimes I wonder if I can’t sleep because I want to blog or if I blog because I can’t sleep. You know?

  4. Yum, that looks delicious!!

  5. This looks so delicious and you’re really encouraging me to make this. Lovely!

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