Can you believe this?

I’m drinking coffee. I’ve never liked coffee. Coffee = gross. But for some reason, in the last week, it has become the most delicious thing. Not just any coffee, though…it has to be coffee that either my husband or my friends Lindsay and Chad have brewed. Coffee shop coffee? Eh. Restaurant coffee? Bleh. Justin coffee? Yum!

It also has to have about half soymilk and half coffee, and tons of sugar. And I only drink about half a cup. Once or twice a week. But that’s how it starts, right? I’m a little worried about the caffeine, since I’m not used to having any (don’t drink tea, don’t like soda), but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Cafe con leche. Mmmmm. Hopefully olives will be next on my “I used to hate it but now I love it” list…

9 responses to “Can you believe this?”

  1. That’s so funny.. that was exactly my order.. first I apdapted to coffee and now olives! You’re on your way!


  2. Crystal, that is so funny that you’re a “coffee-drinker” now! I wonder if I’ll like it one day. Oh, and I don’t care for olives either. =)

  3. That’s the only way I can drink coffee, too—lots of milk, lots of sugar. I love the smell of coffee, though. But I’m strictly a tea drinker. I’m finding, though, that there are a lot of things I’m growing to like as I get older—pumpkin, lemon, mustard—that I used to hate. Or at least thought that I hated.

  4. I read somewhere that your tastebuds change about every 7 years. Don’t know if it’s true or not. But welcome to the Coffee Club! I’ve been drinking it since 4th grade.

  5. I am still only okay with coffee.
    Now, OLIVES?
    You have definitely got to get on the olive bandwagon!
    I have even been converted to the green ones.

  6. Maybe the wine will come after the olives….or goat cheese?:)

  7. I’ve never liked olives either.

  8. I really love your coffee cup! I’ve been searching for a new set for the longest time to no avail. Where on earth did you get it?

  9. Yep, I’m working on olives. It’s a slow process…that’s really interesting about the taste buds changing, though…there are so many things I like now that I used to hate! Hannah, I have no idea where we got these mugs…they’re so old! There are four of them, that say cafe latte, coffee, french roast, and house blend. Possibly Target, years and years ago? Justin looked at the bottom of the cup and the manufacturer is Ten Strawberry Street. I hope you find some!

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