We’re back!

Roux and I are at it again, blogging and surfing and emailing and lounging near the computer. Turns out we had a bad backup battery. Can you believe it? A tiny little battery was causing all those problems. Before we figured that out, though, the Apple service guy erased our hard drive. Yuck. So Justin has been slowly bringing back all our favorite programs and files. The benefit of a newly-erased hard drive is that we get a second chance not to clutter up our computer with over 5000 photos and 23 GB of itunes. Plus, we have the newest version of Mac’s operating system, Tiger, which is chock-full of widgets and doo-dads that are too fun to play with.

Tomorrow I’ll post something yummy, or something crafty. Or maybe something cute.

7 responses to “We’re back!”

  1. Tiger! That’s cute. Did Roux get thinner?

  2. No, Roux is still his “hefty” 16 pounds. He does look smaller in that photo though!

  3. Glad to see you are back!

  4. So nice to see you back!

  5. Welcome back!

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