Life in the (gasp) real world

The past week has been a challenge for me. No computer. That sounds like a simple thing, a modern convenience, a luxury that many people don’t have or need. But for me? It’s like taping my mouth shut and putting all my friends in a sealed box. No fun! I’ve missed the emails from my family. I’ve missed reading all my favorite blogs. I’ve missed my itunes playlists. I’ve missed the ease of finding a recipe or pattern online. I’ve missed blogging.

My computer is still DEAD. My husband has been a bit overwhelmed with work this week, and we’ve been unable to get an appointment with the Apple service people to take a look at it. I seriously considered waltzing right in to the Apple store today and purchasing my own ibook. I let my friend Leti in on this plan, and she quickly offered to lend me her laptop to help ease the pain a bit and avoid any catastrophic multi-thousand dollar purchases. I think our computer can be fixed. Someday. Anyway, I can’t express enough how wonderful my pal Leti is. I think she may have preserved my sanity.

There are several good things about not having computer access for a week. You actually have to find something to do all day. As in, actually DO something, not just plan on doing something and spend the afternoon “researching” it online. Since I’ve been without computer, I have made some awesome recipes. I’ve sewed a purse (complete with lining, hand-embroidery, and all that jazz). I’ve decorated our tiny place for Halloween, with lights, tiny pumpkins, and a spider-web curtain I made. I’ve cleaned out my closet and found a huge pile of clothes and shoes to give away. I’ve washed all the laundry. I’ve read magazines. I’ve spent hours at the library. I’ve taken walks. And I’ve still somehow managed to get away with not doing the dishes. 🙂

I have pictures of some of these endeavors, but unfortunately I have no way of importing them at the moment (or maybe there is a way, but I just don’t understand how to do it with my camera and my friend’s computer). I can’t wait to post a photo of my purse…it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s going to be hard to tear myself away from this little laptop tonight, even though I know I need to be at work by 7:00 tomorrow morning to make breakfast for our guests. My husband is spending the weekend making a horror movie for a local contest, and my cat Roux and I are just getting settled in for a long night of surfing. Who needs sleep? Must…blog!

Oh, I’ve been tagged by Joe and Tanvi for the 23/5 meme. Here is the 5th sentence of my 23rd post:

He’s on a strict diet of 3/4 cup dry food a day, due to his – hefty build.

I was talking about my cat. Poor thing, with his fourteen pebbles of Science Diet. (It’s more than that, but it seems like it’s such a tiny bit!) I say he’s hefty, because I don’t think he looks fat, he’s just a really tall, really long kitty, and if we let him, he’d sit in front of that bowl and eat until he puked. (Which he has done before.)

So I apologize for the lengthy and detail-filled post here, but my fingers haven’t seen a keyboard in a few days, and they’re just going a bit crazy. Let’s all make a little wish tonight that my computer gets fixed before I have to return this laptop to my pal. Thanks for all your condolences! I’ve missed you all.

5 responses to “Life in the (gasp) real world”

  1. Wooo Hooo! I have missed you so much. I felt lonely! I am glad you have someone like Leti! She is the greatest isn’t she! Love her! I can’t wait to see the purse! I am supposed to start a sewing project this week. Kourtney wants me to attempt to make her some gaucho pants. I say hey let’s just buy them! She says no. Well, glad you are back! Miss you! Love you bunches!

  2. Thanks for playing along- and welcome back! Life with computer access is hard, indeed.

  3. ….Did you say ‘pile of clothes’?!

  4. Glad to see you were able to update! Hope you can get your computer all fixed up soon!

  5. I totally sympathize with you. I die without internet access! It’s actually kind of scary how much I depend on it now!

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