Uneventful days

The past couple of days have been pretty boring around here. I’ve been watching a heckuva lot of television. I finally saw The 40 Year Old Virgin, which I loved, and last night (at midnight) I watched Project Runway. I had seen a few episodes here and there during the first season, but never really got into it. After working at the boutique though, fashion has a whole new lure for me. I still can’t put together a cool outfit to save my life, but I love, love, love to see others do it. Last night’s show was pretty inspiring…creating wearable fashion out of curtains and chandeliers (does that remind anyone else of the Von Trapp kids?). I’m thinking I liked last night’s episode because there wasn’t too much bickering and rude behavior. I’d like to keep watching the show, to see what wonderful things can be sewn and designed, but once it gets nasty, I lose interest. I’m reality television’s worst nightmare; I hate the mean-spirited drama.

Last night we went to Rob and Shara’s for movie night. We watched Big Night, one of the great food movies out there, and ate lasagna, roasted okra, watermelon, and warm chocolate chip cookies. I brought the cookie dough over and we baked them fresh right after dinner. This was wonderful, of course, because who doesn’t love warm chocolate chip cookies? But…we ate almost a whole batch. One of us ate eight cookies last night. (And it wasn’t me.)

Did I mention that I’ve started volunteering for Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic? I’m really liking it. For most people, it might be boring, but for me…I love reading out loud. Actually, right now I’m just operating the recording equipment until I can audition to read, but it’s still fun. I might audition to read in Spanish, since they have so few Spanish-speaking readers.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time online…for one thing, I’m searching for a new job. It’s scary, dear internets, to be on the job search. To know that very soon you will have to sell yourself in an interview, to decide whether a workplace will be a good fit for you, to settle for a salary that may be less than what you’re worth. I’ve enjoyed cooking at the B&B…it’s such a laid-back job, I get to meet so many new people, the owners are awesome…but I’m ready to have weekends off again. It’s been a very long time since Justin and I have traveled anywhere or spent a weekend away or even just slept in together on a Sunday morning, and I miss that. Working part-time has allowed me to get crafty, but I’ve found lately that I’ve been bored more days than not. I have a lot of time every day that I just can’t seem to fill up, and I end up feeling lazy, like I didn’t accomplish enough. I’m also ready to have other benefits, like sick time and vacation time…hourly work means not getting paid when you stay home sick or take a day off, so I rarely do it.

Anyway, I’m open to all kinds of positions…I’ve been looking at admin-type jobs and such, still veering away from the “professional dietitian” route. It’s possible I may find something in that field that interests me, but I’m leaving all my options open. So internets, if you hear of some fabulous job in Austin, please let me know!

I shall end this with a meme that Helios has passed on to me:

Meme of Fives

Five things in my freezer:
Eggo Nutri-grain waffles
An ice cube tray filled with coffee (for iced coffee drinks for Justin)
Mixed fruit (for Justin’s smoothies)
A bag of chopped spinach that I don’t even remember buying
My ice cream-maker containers (so they’re ready to go when I finally decide to make more ice cream or sorbet)

Five things in my closet:
Two pairs of crocs for work
My favorite long striped socks
Lots of cute skirts that I never wear because I don’t have shirts to match
A few pairs of shorts that I haven’t worn in a few years (they seem too short!)
My yoga mat that hasn’t been unrolled in way too long

Five things in my car:
An Austin map
A Texas map
My Curious George windowshade
Wadded up bank receipts
I wish I could tell you what’s in my trunk, but I’ve just stopped looking in there.

Five things in my purse:
Burt’s Bees lip balm
My handmade wallet
A coin purse from the Moroccan pavilion at Epcot
A tiny Hello Kitty calendar from Toy Joy
My mini-calculator (yes, I’m a nerd)

Happy Thursday, people of the blog-world!

9 responses to “Uneventful days”

  1. Roast okra sounds delicous & intriguing…do share more info please 🙂 And how fantastic that you are volunteering 🙂

  2. Aww.. Crystal – you rock! Thanks for doubling up the memes. I feel so special – seeing my name on one of my most favorite blogs. Good luck with the job search, and your volunteering sounds wonderful. I’m sure your reading efforts are most appreciated by those unable to read to themselves. 🙂 Too cool.

  3. I sure am proud of you. I wish you the best on the job search. I am sure you will find something you love! Miss you!

  4. I don’t have cable at home (I know, I know…), so when I’m house-sitting I gobble it up. I stayed up past one watching Project Runway on Wed night, but I had to work at 6am on Thurs, so I paid a price. So much fun though!

  5. Get thee to Old Navy – on line or in person –
    make a list of colors in the skirts
    and buy some cheap tees!

    I would love to see the skirts…

  6. Ooo! I put off seeing that movie for ages but once I did I rewound the tape and watched it again! How much did that waxing scene make you wince!

  7. Jessica, I’ll ask my friend Lindsay for the recipe when she gets back into town…it is so good. Helios, you’re so sweet! Sis, thanks for the good wishes. Barb, we usually don’t have cable either, but it comes free with our garage apartment…I’m never sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing! Blackbird, that’s a good idea…maybe I’ll post a photo essay on what’s in my closet. And Ellie, when I finished watching the movie, I told my husband (who hasn’t seen it), “You HAVE to see the waxing scene!” 🙂

  8. A Curious George windowshade? Maybe I’m too young, but I’ve seen Curious George t-shirts and other stuff and I keep wondering if there’s some racial issues with that whole cartoon character. Just curious.

  9. Hi, Crystal. I’ve been reading your blog for a little while and really love it. I love that you mix your craftiness with cooking. I’ve tried a couple of the recipes and they were great. Plan to try more. And now, I have a question for you. A friend and I did a blogger’s breakfast awhile ago, an afternoon tea if you will. Well, we got to thinking it would be great if more people could be involved. So we decided to come up with a blog, which is still in the planning stages. At any rate, I am horrible at finding recipes to try and of knowing what is good or being creative. I really wanted to enlist your help in maybe providing us with some ideas for recipes. I can go into further detail if you’ll email me or leave a comment on my blog, but I thought it would be great if you could be our consultant, sort of. Also, good luck on your job search.

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