Apron Swap!

Hooray for swaps! I signed up for this apron swap a while back, and this weekend we all received our goodies. We were to research our partners a little and design an apron for them. Also included in the swap were three recipe cards with a few of our favorite dishes.

Cate drew my name, and designed this fabulous apron for me. Look at the buttons! The scalloped bottom! The beautiful colors! And what’s even better? It’s reversible.

Isn’t that pretty? I almost don’t want to wear it to work for fear that I’ll get it dirty. Is that weird?

She also included some yummy-sounding recipes for a salad, chicken pot pie, and chocolate cookies. And if you look at the top photo, you can see the skein of alpaca yarn she included in the mix. It is so soft…I’m scheming up something wonderful to knit or crochet with it. Thanks so much, Cate…I love it all!

I drew Sarah (I was a little intimidated since she was the swap organizer…yikes!), who, I found out, has a yellow, turquoise, and blue kitchen. I made her this apron so she could flit about her kitchen and match her surroundings…

I decided to go with a Mexican theme (don’t those colors remind you of Mexico?), so I made these recipe cards for Agua de Sandia, Migas, and Pumpkin Empanadas:

I sent it to her with a few treats…Mexican peanut candies, some flavored salt to sprinkle on fresh cut fruit, a candy bracelet, and a cd of my favorite cooking tunes.

I don’t know what’s more fun…creating a swap package or receiving mine in the mail. (I don’t know, I really do love mail…)

9 responses to “Apron Swap!”

  1. Both aprons look fabulous! Have a great week.

  2. The apron you received from Cate is SO chic! I love it! And your apron for Sarah is just darling. What a great swap!

  3. the aprons are lovely! and i’m oh-so-intrigued by the flavoured salt. do tell! what’s the flavour? lime? this girl wants to know.

  4. I’m so glad to see how nicely it fits!! 🙂 I was worried that it would be a little big but with aprons I figured better a little big than too small!
    Thanks for the lovely compliments! Your apron for Sarah is absolutely the cutest!

  5. I am dying right now! I check your site daily, but rarely comment. That first apron w/ the brown/blue large flowers… I am DYING! It’s beautiful!

  6. It was a great swap! Cate, it fits wonderfully. And Diane, I agree…my new apron is sooooo pretty! Kickpleat, it’s lime/chile/salt that we sprinkle on cut mango, pineapple, melon, oranges…whatever. In Mexico you’ll find mango vendors selling cut mango sprinkled with chile and squirted with lime juice. I think this is an easier version of that. We’re still searching for the perfect brand here…we want it to taste just like the one at F&F Fruits, our favorite little Mexican fruit stand here in Austin. 🙂

  7. I love both these aprons! I wish I could sew, but instead I’ll just stop by here and admire your creations.

  8. Hasn’t this apron swap been so fun?! I adore the one you received and the one you made – how great!

  9. Oh my God everything is so awesome! We may have to trade recipes, or I have to hope you get me in the future as your partner (those Mexican recipes sound amazing).

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