So many sweet things in my life at the moment:

* This unbelievably delicious honey, given to me by my friend Mandy, whose father is a beekeeper. I love it in its semi-solid state, grainy and delectable, spread on toasted French bread, or whole wheat toast, or spooned into tea. Mandy was kind enough to share a large bottle of this honey with us. I doubted that we could eat it all, but the jar is slowly emptying…thank you so much, Mandy! (Mandy, by the way, is honey-sweet herself.)

* Jeffrey’s victory on Project Runway last night. It’s so funny to me that I rooted for Michael all year long, and hated Jeffrey’s attitude, but by the final episode, I was hoping Jeffrey would win. I loved his line the most, and I’m excited to see what kinds of innovative things he’ll come up with.

* Justin coming home for lunch. The past few weeks have been super-busy at his ad agency, so he’s had to work through lunch and survive through meal after meal of take-out food. Yesterday and today he finally came home to me…I love seeing him in the middle of the day.

* It’s cooler today. In typical Austin fashion, it’s 64 degrees outside, even though it was 90 degrees yesterday. I’m not going to jinx myself by saying that the cooler weather is here to stay, but I am going to cross my fingers.

* I received a too-cool book from my brother in the mail. It’s called Weird Texas, and is full of fun stories and legends and oddities in this big ol’ state of mine. The first few pages center around ghost stories, and tales of La Llorona (anyone else familiar with that legend?), so I was a bit spooked and decided to read it only during the daytime. Included in the package was a hilarious Nacho Libre pen. I love my brother.

* I bought the first issue of Craft magazine, and it’s fabulous. A bit pricey at $14.95 an issue, but chock-full of great crafty articles. It’s a quarterly publication, just like Adorn, though, so I’ll have a while to wait before I get to read the next one.

* Good things are happening to my friends…they’re getting new jobs, buying new houses, having babies, getting married, and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

* After two months of insomnia, I slept for 8 hours straight last night (after a long discussion with Justin in which I decided to just not worry about it anymore, and sleep when I could. Go figure.)

* My family is gathering in New Mexico this weekend for my grandma’s 80th birthday party, and though I can’t join them, I am happy that my grandma will be surrounded by the people she loves.

* Justin and Bud will be participating in another 48-hour film festival this weekend, which makes them both giddy.

* I’ve received the sweetest comments lately, and I just feel so grateful for this little blog community I’ve become a part of.

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  1. That’s so nice of you. I printed out a copy and mailed it to my dad so he could see it!!! Thanks for the treat, also.

  2. hello my sweetie! i miss you so much! um…yes a new film is fixing to happen! i wish i was there please keep me posted on what kind it is! i totally loved N AUDIBLE! i wish i could be there! i need to talk to you about some stuff! i wish you would come to dexter this weekend but dont worry ill tel grandma you love her! and wish you could be there i know she knows in spirit you are! but anyways! that honey looks so sweet!

  3. Just walked in the door from Fort Worth! Had to catch up with you! (Hadn’t seen the episode of Project Runway yet…but that is ok.) I will still watch it anyway! Going to miss you this weekend! Love you so much! I need to tell you that more often 🙂 See ya little sis!

  4. What a phenomenal amount of good things. I love we get to have lunch with the hub too.

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