This week has been kind of a dud for recipes…we’ve made a few that I’ve already posted once before, so nothing new to share. I’ve also been a bit crafty, but I can’t show it to you until maybe next week. So it seems that I’ve been unproductive, but really, I’ve been busy!

Aside from job interviews and applications, I’ve been visiting friends. My friend Shara and I chatted over tea in her new house, and yesterday my friend Grit introduced me to bubble water, (carbonated water), apparently all the rage in Germany, her home country. She actually has this little machine in her kitchen that will turn regular old water into bubble water in just a few seconds. It was fun to watch.

Of course I’ve been reading (Prodigal Summer, by my current favorite author, Barbara Kingsolver), and attempting to do crossword puzzles…but it’s difficult to accomplish this when your kitty-cat decides that the book in your lap is the perfect spot for a nap. How can you say no to that cute face?

We did end up attempting to watch Elizabethtown, but after about half an hour, we both were so bored that we decided to fast-forward through the rest and make up our own storyline. It’s possible that the movie actually improved toward the end, but we just didn’t have the patience to wait it out.

Of course I was glued to the television for Project Runway on Wednesday night, but was disappointed with the gimmicks of bringing back unskilled designers and crazy ideas like “you have to use every bit of fabric.” So silly. I’d like to rent the first season, as I’ve heard that it was much more about actual design rather than drama. Of course, I’ll finish watching this season, simply because I’m interested to see whether Michael kicks butt in the end.

I suppose I’ve dragged this nonsensical post on long enough. Does it seem to the rest of you that the whole of blogworld is also in non-blogging mode? Some of my favorite blogs seem to be so busy living life that blogging, or crafting, or cooking has taken a back burner. Which is a good thing, I suppose. With that thought, I’ll let you go back to your own wonderful life. Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. I enjoy your blog and read it regularly. I am certainly in the too busy to blog mode. WHen things slow down a bit I am thinking of starting a food blog to go with my quilting blog. As if I don’t spend enough time already in blogland. Lol.

  2. Maybe the transition to autumn (equinox is next week) finds folks make that shift to other things.

    I’ve been watching Project Runway as well (why, I don’t know as I’m not really all that interested in clothes fashions) and really don’t like some of the weird things they do (such as the use every bit of fabric gimmick as you mentioned and the one they had earlier about making stuff out of the dumpster). Bringing back Angela and Vincent was silly and although I tend to agree they should be “out,” I think I’d be embarassed to be put in that situation again if I was them. I don’t like what’s-his-name on the show because I think he’s horribly self-centered and rude but I do like Michael. It will be an interesting finale, that’s for sure.

  3. i love doing crossword puzzles. i have a book of medium-difficulty ones. hard enough that they take me a while and i feel a sense of accomplishment when they’re done… but easy enough that i’m not stressing over them. and yeah, it’s been one of those kinda weeks for me too…

  4. Aw; look at Rue being a cuddle-bug. I thought only Madison pulled that book trick.

  5. Hey lady!! When are we gonna have a project runway evening? With wine, crafts, etc. That would be fun! Hey do you wanna be one of my models for my etsy shop? I just need to borrow an awesome amateur photographer (maybe your hubbie?) and a camera since mine does not work?!!! Argh. I’ll find a camera, but would love to have you as a model….I’m trying to get in, Blue Genie! Deadline, Oct. 2 so let’s start taking photos this week!

  6. adorable picture. Yep, seems to be a slowdown in blogging since spring. Home soda-fountaining sounds neat. Wonder if you could run the carbonating through other things, soups, ice creams?

    Busy’s good. 🙂

  7. I hope you had a nice weekend, Crystal. I’ve been wanting to see Elizabethtown but maybe I shouldn’t. I don’t like boring movies either! Not much in food production with me either. Just a tried-and-true recipe for a cheese casserole that I made on Friday and Sunday.

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