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Talk about a food jag! I am all about sandwiches these days. I’ve been enjoying variations on the tomato-avocado theme, this time with garlic-thyme bread (oh, how I love Whole Foods). Saturday I had an egg salad sandwich from Thundercloud Subs (I swear, they make the best egg salad), and yesterday I scarfed a Whole Foods sandwich with roast turkey, brie, fig spread, and mixed greens on baguette. I don’t see the sandwich going away any time soon, either. Is it because it’s so hot outside? Because it’s so quick and easy? Oh well, it works.

This weekend was a crazy one…Justin and his pal Bud participated in a 48-hour film-making event , much like the horror flick one they did last year. This year they were handed a CD with a random song, then given two days to create a music video for it. They ended up with a 60s psychedelic unknown song called “Lucifer” by The Salt. I have to say, by the end of the weekend, I actually liked the song, and the video is so cute! Once it’s available online, I’ll share the link with you all.

Justin’s been traveling back and forth to Waco to for some Baylor advertising work, but today he returns to me for good. With my camera. That he lost. And someone found and turned in. It’ll be nice to have the camera around again, so I can show you the AMAZING mail I got today.

Is anyone else out there waiting on the edge of your seat for Sally to post the details about her son’s birthday party? Jeez, that woman can create. She always has the most amazing photos of the most gorgeous crafts, and she focuses on my favorite medium…paper.

Is it hot where you are, blogworld? Today I think we hit 90, and thus starts the long, hot Austin summer. We’re going camping this weekend, so hopefully it’s not dreadfully hot, but warm enough to make you want to jump in the river.

Am I rambling? What am I talking about? I’ll leave you with some fun things.

I like this.

And this place.

I want to eat this.

6 responses to “Random Bits”

  1. I’m going to give myself a little shout out for helping to track down that camera! Also, I love Thundercloud egg salad sandwiches too. I just love sandwiches in general. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Please lend us some of that sunshine here in Los Angeles! It’s been so gloomy and yucky here, I’m so jealous!


  3. I tried that recipe last night for dinner. I was stuck and was having ‘cookers block’ and decided to prance to the computer and see if there was a recipe that fit my fancy and this one (the macaroni one) was good! It was really tasty and I even added some hot peppers for an extra kick. My boyfriend didn’t really like it as he is not fond of tomatoes….oh well, more for me!

  4. ha, that is so funny you want to make that macaroni & hamburger recipe cuz i just made it on saturday! yummy and comforting.

  5. I’m glad to hear the recipe was so good! I’d probably make it with Boca crumbles, but it just looks so good and homey that I’ll have to make it soon!

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